Saint-Prex, Switzerland – LAGOSTA S.A. announced that it has completed a pre-series A financing round led by Geneva-based BANQUE HERITAGE

Other investors include LAGOSTA shareholders and private investment funds.

The funds will allow the company to accelerate the launch and sales initiation of its lead product, reinforce its intellectual property position and secure a site for large scale production.

« LAGOSTA is a typical example of what we are looking for: a clear and sustainable competitive advantage, a superior product with strong commercial outlets, important operational levers, but also a quality team with outstanding personalities and a solid history, attractive to a private clientele that is increasingly demanding in terms of its investments” says Mikaël Safrana, Head of Advisory and private market initiatives at Banque Heritage.

“This capital infusion is a recognition of the growth that our company has shown in the last few years, its strategic vision and plans for the future. The capital will greatly increase our traction and enable us to deploy our activities on a large scale globally”, said Christophe Maier, Founder & CEO of the company.

LAGOSTA is a blue biotechnology company and a leader in the production of reproducible biomedical chitosan. LAGOSTA develops chitosan by farming the European spiny lobster in a state-of-the-art indoor facility in which every aspect of production is controlled. The company’s innovative and sustainable marine aquaculture technology enables spiny lobsters to be grown organically, without any chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones. This platform ensures optimal animal well-being, traceability and limited environmental impact.

When growing, spiny lobsters naturally generate moults. LAGOSTA harvests these by-products and converts them into chitosan, a compound that exhibits unparalleled properties for use in biopharmaceutical applications.